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Which is the best freelancing website in 2022

In this article, I’m going to show you the three best freelancing website you can use to get start freelancing. If you’re just starting out in your part-time or on a budget I’ve got a few places you can check out that won’t break the bank.

The best freelancing website in 2022


One of those best freelancing website is Fiverr is a website that normally is best for one-time or short time gigs. Its advantage is that it’s pretty easy to sign up and start using right away and unlike other freelancing sites you don’t have to bid for clients and then after some time when you’ve been established fiverr actually pushes clients to you by listing your profile and near the top of searches and fiber makes tipping very easy so you can make a little bit of extra money on top of what you earned originally for the gig.

best freelancing website fiverr
best freelancing website Fiverr

However there are negatives to fiver, it takes a 20% Commission and most gigs are pretty low-paying. There’s a pretty strict policy on no contact outside of fiver so that means that you cannot make it deal with a client outside the platform and then cut fiber out of their commission.

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Now we come to, it’s the most top best freelancing website and it offers lots of high-quality gigs. Once you’ve been on the platform long enough you can sort of getting an idea of what a great job posting is before you even bid on it. I like to think of upwork as a long-term lead generator because I’ve had several clients that I met years ago who I still work with today and it all started with one project now it could be difficult to get that first client however because it is very competitive but once you do it gets much easier to land future clients.

Top freelancing websites Upwork
Top freelancing websites Upwork

You also have the flexibility of what kind of projects you can do such as getting paid by the hour or paid per project. The negatives of upwork are that it’s kind of expensive to get started you can sign up for free but in order to bid on any jobs it cost fifteen cents per credit


I’ve actually landed some pretty great clients from Craigslist. The cool thing about Craigslist is that the jobs are local to where you live so you can meet up with a client face-to-face and discuss the job detail in-person meeting in person and developing relationships really drive the ultimate goal which is to create long-lasting client relationships plus there’s no bidding on gigs or Commission rates getting in the way so hopefully when you look for gigs on the site and reply to a posting you can connect with some really great people.

best freelance jobs Craigslist
best freelance jobs Craigslist

Now on the flip side, Craigslist does have a pretty sketchy reputation for being a place where weirdos hang out so you do have to be on your guard also there’s no gig or job protection here so if a client stiffs you after you’ve done the work for them that’s totally on you. Now there are some things you can do such as to ask for half of the project payment upfront or even a quarter of it just to protect some of
your costs.