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What Comes with Far Cry 6 Ultimate Edition

A lot of you are probably wondering if far cry 6 ultimate is a good game well in this article I’m going to be answering that question. I’ve played the game and I’m going to talk about what I like and dislike about far cry 6.

First of all, start out with what I like about far cry 6 ultimate and what makes it stand out compared to previous far cry games and of course, we have a fresh brand new open world to explore with this one and I think they really did a great job.

Far Cry 6 Ultimate Review

There’s a dynamic weather system that is very believable when the weather rolls in it feels very tropical compared uh to previous far cry games.

They added a lot more urban environments to explore more urban environments than we’ve ever seen in a far cry 6 ultimate game so I think that’s one element of this particular open world compared to the other far cry games that make it unique.

Now there’s something actually really interesting going on when you are exploring the open world because there’s a ranking system in the regions that tell you hey you are going to be going up against level 8 enemies and it’s kind of asking you are you sure you really want to go into these lands that I absolutely love about far cry 6 and in my opinion they really really nailed it in this regard.

Now also the gear and weapon system is actually really nice in this game so ranking up unlocks new gear at the store and you can also loot for weapons gear and that sort of thing in the actual open world but these have significant impacts on gameplay.

far cry 6 ultimate
far cry 6 ultimate

They have a brand new wanted system that kind of mirrors I guess you would say assassin’s creed odyssey in a way. In that, they send out like bounty hunters really specialized troops to go after you and they make it really really challenging in that regard.

Now we gotta talk about what I do not like about this game and one thing that i really do have to mention is that some of the movements are still having legacy issues that this game has always had in that. If you climb up something it feels a little bit clunky especially when it’s like a quick time event and that’s something that I hope that they patch with this game.

Far Cry 6 Ultimate Release Date:

While the game is globally launching on October 7, 2021, at 12:00 AM, there is no early access available. The editions of the game differ as Standard, Gold, Ultimate and Collectors Edition